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Who plays in America: the movie, and what do voice actors look like in real life? Channing Tatum is headlining the celebrity voice cast, while other big names round out the supporting lineup as fictional versions of historical figures. The Netflix summer 2021 movie features mature language and a lot of comedic swear words, so audiences may be curious about the identities of the collective actors and actresses.

In America: the movie Alternative history tale, George Washington (Tatum) confronts the British Army after a traitor / werewolf named Benedict Arnold assassinates a famous chef, Abe Lincoln. George hopes to avenge his friend’s death, but also wants to reclaim the Declaration of Independence and reunite with his beloved Martha, who is caught by Arnold’s forces. The American revolutionary leader brings together a team of master strategists including Sam Adams, Thomas Edison, Paul Revere and Geronimo, all based on real people.

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America: the movie features voice cameos from director Matt Thomson and writer Dave Callaham; However, much of the action centers around the top 10 cast, including Carlos Alazraqui as the horse Clyde. To help you identify each protagonist and villain, here’s a full breakdown of the cast of all the cast and their characters.

Channing Tatum as George Washington

Channing Tatum as George Washington in America: The Movie on Netflix

Channing Tatum plays George Washington, a revolutionary leader who seeks to free the colonies from the British army. He mourns the death of his best friend, Abe Lincoln, and forms a squad to defeat King James and the traitor Benedict Arnold. Tatum plays the role of Jenko in the 21 rue du saut franchise and Mike in the Magic mike series of films. He also voices Superman in Lego movie franchise and portrayed Mark Schultz in the 2014 film Foxcatcher.

Jason Mantzoukas as Sam Adams

Jason Mantzoukas as Sam Adams in America: The Motion Picture on Netflix

Jason Mantzoukas voices Sam Adams, a brotherhood boy who is recruited by George. He joins the revolution because he despises the British, aka “funny policeand drinks his house beer made from rotten weed. Mantzoukas voices Jay Bilzerian in Big mouth and portrayed Adrian Pimento in Brooklyn nine-nine as well as Derek in The right place. He also voiced Scarecrow in The Lego Batman movie and Rex Splode in Invincible.

Olivia Munn as Thomas Edison

Olivia Munn as Thomas Edison in America: The Motion Picture on Netflix

Olivia Munn voices Thomas Edison, an immigrant scientist from China. She hopes to silence the skeptics by proving the science to be real, and ultimately achieves her goal of using beer and technology to defeat the British Army. Munn is a former correspondent for The daily show and portrayed Sloan Sabbith in The press room. Munn also appeared as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse and voiced Phoebe Callisto in Mission Force 1.

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Bobby Moynihan as Paul Revere

Bobby Moynihan as Paul Revere in America: The Motion Picture on Netflix

Bobby Moynihan voices Paul Revere, a horseman recruited to Horse Wars by George and Sam. He initially appears to be an Alpha Male, but he’s actually a childish loner who only joins the team to make some friends. Moynihan is an elder Saturday Night Live cast member. He voices Louie Duck in Duck tales and portrayed Jayden Kwapis in Mr. Mayor.

Judy Greer as Martha Washington

Judy Greer as Martha Washington in America: The Motion Picture on Netflix

Judy Greer voices Martha Dandridge Washington, a singer who meets George at Abe’s funeral. They fall in love later, only Martha is kidnapped by Benedict. She transforms into a true Brit thanks to the magic tea, but then comes back to herself and essentially becomes the model of the Statue of Liberty. Greer portrayed Maggie Lang in The ant Man and Karen in Jurassic World. Her other roles include Lucy Wyman in 13 In progress 30 and Casey in 28 Dresses. She also voiced Cheryl Tunt in Archer and Mrs. Henderson in family guy.

Will Forte as Abe Lincoln

America: the movie on Netflix

Will Forte voices Abe Lincoln, a famous chef and best friend of George Washington who is murdered by Benedict Arnold. As a last wish, he asks George to liberate the colonies and name them “America”. Forte is an elder Saturday Night Live cast member. He played the role of Phil Tandy Miller in The last man on earth and voiced a different version of Abraham Lincoln in Lego movie.

Raoul Trujillo as Geronimo

Raoul Trujillo as Geronimo in America: The Motion Picture on Netflix

Raoul Trujillo plays Geronimo, a renegade indigenous tracker. He is identified as an ideal recruit by Thomas due to his knowledge of the field. He later loses an arm and decides to fight the British on principle, hoping to protect his homeland. Trujillo portrayed Che “Taza” Romero in Mayas MC and previously appeared as Opechancenough in Jamestown. His film roles include Tomocomo in The new World, Zero Wolves in Apocalypto, and Lockspur in Riddick.

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Killer Mike as John Henry

Killer Mike as John Henry in America: The Motion Picture on Netflix

Killer Mike voices John Henry, a blacksmith recruited to create a quick fix that can kill the movie’s villainous werewolf, Benedict Arnold. He decides to join the revolution because he believes that George is one of “well-ish“white men who want to run the country. Killer Mike is best known for his hip-hop music career, most notably his creative collaboration with El-P called Run the Jewels. He played himself in the 2006 film ATL and voiced Taqu’il on the TV show Dashing Goofy.

Simon Pegg as King James

Simon Pegg as King James in America: The Movie on Netflix

Simon Pegg voices King James, a British ruler who strongly believes that the rules should be followed by the people. He orders Benedict Arnold to prevent George and his company from leading a successful revolution. Pegg is best known for his lead roles in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy as Shaun in Shaun of the Dead, Nicolas Ange in Warm down, and Gary King in the end of the world. He also portrayed Scotty in the Star Trek franchise and appears as Benji Dunn in the Impossible mission franchise.

Andy Samberg as Benedict Arnold

Andy Samberg as Benedict Arnold in America: The Motion Picture on Netflix

Andy Samberg voices Benedict Arnold, a colonial traitor / werewolf who teams up with the British Army and King James. As the film’s main villain, he kills Abe Lincoln in the first act and later survives an explosion aboard the Titanic. Benedict plots to turn the settlers into true Britons by steeping them in tea, but is foiled by George and his company in the final act. Samberg is a former Saturday Night Live cast member and stars like Jake Peralta in Brooklyn nine-nine. He also titled Popstar: Never stop, never stop as Conner and Palm springs like Nyles.

Carlos Alazraqui as Clyde

Carlos Alazraqui as Clyde in America: The Movie on Netflix

Carlos Alazraqui voices Clyde, Paul’s horse who is summoned during a first act sequence in America: the movie involving Benoît. He later abandons “Pablo” and is attacked while fleeing. Clyde is finally revived thanks to Clara Barton and transforms with Paul to become a horse machine. Alazraqui portrayed MP James Garcia in Reno 911! and voiced Mr. Crocker in My sponsors are magic. He also voiced Nestor in happy feet and El Chupacabra in Airplanes.

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