Wester Ross School nominated for Gaelic Short Film Awards

Gairloch High School students are up for nominations for this year’s prestigious FilmG Awards.

A Gaelic film produced by a high school in Wester Ross has been shortlisted for a prize in the prestigious ‘FilmG’ Gaelic short film competition.

The drama, based on local folklore, was put together by S2/3 students from Gairloch High School and was nominated for “Best Fluid Speaker Film” at this year’s awards.

Drama teacher Iain Cumming said: “The film is about the legend of the Gille Dubh of Gairloch (a fairy who lived in a local forest). The Gille Dubh have been hunted over the centuries and the drama shows how close they is once again in danger. A young local girl saves him from certain death. We were all very happy with how things turned out.

The students involved were Elsie Peat (The Gille Dubh), Iona McWhinney (local girl Jessie), Erin MacKenzie (Jessie’s mother), Sarah MacKenzie (the reporter) and Iain Miles and David Chisholm (the police).

Year four Anndra Cumming has created her own one-day documentary on Beinn Eighe (Torridon) set in the nearby woods of Flowerdale and other locations in Gairloch. The film was nominated for “Best Documentary” and “Best Young Director”.

The nominees are now seeking public support as they face Scotland-wide competition ahead of the monday january 24 deadline.

Local resident Jess McWhinney said: “As they compete with much larger schools, your vote would be really helpful.”

FilmG was launched in 2008 to develop new talent for the BBC Alba channel which was launched the same year. Since then it has received over 900 shorts and many young people have started their careers in Gaelic broadcasting through the competition.

Votes can be cast via their website at filmg.co.uk.

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