We Ain’t Playin’: ‘Gran Turismo’ Game Will Spawn Feature Film

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Fans of the famous Gran Turismo The video game franchise has enjoyed several, albeit less frequent, installments of the series since its introduction in 1997. Incredible graphics and a wide selection of licensed vehicles have been cornerstones of the title, even though the game took itself a bit too seriously in its last two iterations. Now the GT the universe will expand in movie theaters.

Scheduled for release next August, the Gran Turismo The film will apparently tell the story of a young sim racer who uses his skills to score seat time in a professional race car. It will be directed by none other than Neill Blomkamp, ​​the man who has lent his directorial talents to nearly 30 films, including blockbusters like District 9 and Elysium.

He was also involved in those BMW shorts featuring Clive Owen driving an Ultimate Driving Machine with a lot of anger. This suggests the GT the film is in good hands.

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Less clear is if this film will be based on the life of a certain Lucas Ordoñez. At just 23 years old in 2008, he was the first winner of the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy. It was a program run by GT the honcho Kazunori Yamauchi, assuming that there were plenty of skilled racing drivers in the world who, absent bags full of cash, would remain in relative obscurity.

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Ordoñez proved himself to be one of the fastest players online, earning him a place in the GT Academy Finals, where he faced an international field of competitors during five days of intensive training in real cars at Silverstone. He was declared champion after proving to be as capable behind the wheel as he was on the gamepad, in addition to withstanding the wringer of mock media interviews and others designed to weed out anyone who could drive but not handle the auxiliary pressures of international floodlights.

As for the film itself, an August 11 release date has been set for next year.

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