Watch: Meet the Lonely Child in Terrifying Horror Short ‘Seek’


Watch: Meet the Lonely Child in Terrifying Horror Short ‘Seek’

by Alex Billington
October 7, 2021
Source: Youtube

“You’re hiding, I’m looking.” It’s scary !! A new horror short film directed by filmmakers Aaron Morgan and Eric Vespe (formerly known as “Quint” during the AICN era) is now online. To look for was scheduled to premiere last year at the 2020 SXSW Film Festival, and ultimately play at this year’s Fantastic Fest. After driving all night, two sisters stumble upon a dilapidated roadside park. It turns out to be more than it looks when a sister bumps into a mischievous resident in the bathroom who wants to play a spooky game… Who is hiding in there? Movie stars Allisyn Snyder, Claire Grant, and Steve agee; with practical effects by two-time Oscar nominee Arjen Tuiten, based on concepts from WETA Workshop. And there’s also a poster by artist JC Richard. There’s nothing like a good horror short film to get your heart pumping. It makes me want to never stop in the roadside toilet again, you never know what you’ll find.

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Thanks to Fons PR for the advice on this. Description from YouTube: “Heidi and Jordan have been driving all night, and the two estranged sisters don’t get along. In the midst of this tense atmosphere, they pull up in a dilapidated roadside park, where Heidi takes a break. toilet. dirty room, mischievous local asks to play a terrifying game. ” To look for is directed by Austin, Texas-based filmmaker Aaron Morgan – he also directed the horror shorts Blind and No Exit previously. You can follow him on Twitter @Aaron_Morgan. The screenplay is written by Aaron Morgan and Eric Vespe (@Eric Vespe). Produced by Paul Gandersman, Peter S. Hall and Eric Vespe. With a photograph by Taylor Camarot and a score by Troy D. Robertson. This was scheduled to premiere at the SXSW Film Festival 2020 last year, to finally play at the Fantastic Fest this year. For more information, visit the film’s official website. For more short films, click here. Thoughts?

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