Watch: Fascinating short film “Wake” with score by Alaskan Tapes

Watch: Fascinating short film “Wake” with score by Alaskan Tapes

by Alex Billington
January 25, 2022
Source: Vimeo

One day you will wake up. And you won’t recognize where you are. You will have to find your way back. But can you? This captivating short film is called To wake up and it follows a man’s experience of the consequences of losing his wife and future daughter. This touching short is directed by filmmaker Martin Klapperbein and writer/cinematographer Liam Higgins. It’s beautifully shot and heartfelt and moving. Featuring Michael Wamara like the man who wakes up. Sometimes it’s better not to explain and over-analyze shorts, and just let them overwhelm you, and let them affect you however they might. This is one of those shorts that I want to recommend, but I don’t want to say anything else about it before. It is better to dive in and spend 7 fascinating minutes with this artistic creation. Read more about the short below and enjoy the journey.

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Thanks to Vimeo Staff Picks for the tip on this one. Short description from Vimeo: “To wake up is a short fictional drama detailing a man’s experience after the loss of his wife and future daughter.” To wake up is directed by the filmmaker Martin Klapperbein – you can see more of his work on his official website or follow him on IG @martin.klapperbein. Also featuring creative direction, cinematography and writing by Liam Higgin. Produced by Last Frame Pictures and Mike Gillespie. With a score by Brady Kendall also known as Alaskan Bands (official site). “This film directly supports mental health.” For more information and ongoing support, please contact your local helplines. To learn more, visit For more information on the film, visit Vimeo or Martin’s page. To discover more short films, click here. Your thoughts?

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