Vivek Oberoi Starrer’s Short Film ‘Verses Of War’ Collects 1 Million Views

With “Verses Of War”, actor Vivek Oberoi fulfilled his lifelong dream of playing an Indian soldier on screen. His candid portrayal seems to have struck a chord with audiences, as the short film, which is currently streaming on FNM Media’s YouTube channel, garnered 1 million views less than a week after its release.

The war drama, which was written by Kapil Mishra and led by Prasad Kadam, was published on the occasion of the Republic Day. Although the views were high, when you look at the comments dropped by viewers, you realize how much the movie connected with them.

Director Prasad Kadam says, “From the start, I knew it would be a daunting task. I am delighted to see that people have now accepted this film with open arms. The reviews and feedback are overwhelming.

Vivek Oberoi said, “Verses of War was my tribute to the undying spirit of the military. To see the film accepted with open arms is extremely special. This is my first attempt at short form and clearly there are plenty of takers for this kind of storytelling. If the subject is good and executed with panache, the form simply becomes a vessel. Now that this film has captured so many eyeballs, the intention is to always focus on content that has some universal appeal and resonates with viewers.

The team is delighted that the film is doing so well thanks to word of mouth. In today’s world where views are bought and likes are paid, it’s heartwarming to see a sensible movie consistently get such great organic views. In the days to come, the film is expected to continue traveling and reaching a much wider audience.

The film “Verses Of War” brings to life the patriotic fervor of every Indian and celebrates the achievements of our brave soldiers. It was produced and presented by FNP Media, Vikaas Gutgutia, Girish Johar and co-produced by Vivek Anand Oberoi and Oberoi Mega Entertainment. The short film is directed by Prasad Kadam. With Vivek Oberoi, Rohit Bose Roy & Shivanii Rai.

Short film “Versus de la guerre”

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