Trinidad Born Circus Extraordinaire to star in short film directed by Emmy-winning director


LOS ANGELES, November 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – After the Director of Purple Magnet Productions Lauren Musgrove read the book, she knew the story had to be on the big screen. While searching for the perfect lead, she stumbled upon Darielle williams, a Trinity born circus professional and stuntwoman whose career has been absolutely remarkable.

Darielle performed as an aerialist on the Formation tour with Beyonce, at the 2019 VMAs with Missy Elliott, and she worked with other artists such as Jennifer lopez and Pit bull. You can read more about Darielle here:

Their fundraising has received incredible support so far, reaching 63% of its $ 37,000 goal.

The campaign is available here:

The story tells the story of a circus performer who struggles to find meaning after being forced to give up her dreams and accept a job as a bartender. Located in the city of New Orleans, this fantasy drama will test his conviction as to its true purpose. The long-term goal is to bring the short film to the festival circuit and seek additional funding for a full television series.

Darielle will be doing all of the performances and stunts in this movie. In addition to their incredible lead role, Lauren and her producer Maggie Brown will bring together a talented array of actors and musicians from diverse races to showcase the spirit of New Orleans.

Now is the time to tell unique stories by underrepresented writers and creatives! “Strange behaviour“is at the forefront of this new cinematographic shift.


Lauren Musgrove and Maggie Brown launched their production company in 2020. PMP focuses on enhancing the voices of women, members of the LGBTQ + community and POCs in theaters.

Lauren has created Emmy and INMA Global Media award-winning short documentaries for People from Alabama. His short films have been shown at festivals such as Cannes and Sidewalk. She has worked on numerous nature projects, social topics, and comedy videos that have generated multi-million dollar views.

Maggie has worked on shows such as America has talent, and films such as The last showman. She worked as a producer for Jared leto business, Paradox.

Los Angeles Fundraising Event: November 13 2021

End of fundraising: December 14, 2021

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