Trailer For Sanah Kapur And Akshay Anand Kohli’s Short Film “Blue Cupboard” Released

Actress Sanah Kapur best known for films like ‘Shaandaar’ and ‘Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi’ will next be seen in a short film titled ‘Blue Cupboard’ alongside the famed ‘Mumbai Diaries 11/26’ actor. Akshay Anand Kohli.

Directed by Keith Keny and produced by Colourblind Entertainment’s Rahul Datta and Pallak S Mehtaa, it will air on the Open Theater platform from June 2.

Billed as a roller coaster of emotions and heartbreak in a relationship, the trailer for the short has been released.

Elated Sanah talks about her upcoming short film, “Director Keith told me the story, what captivated me in the script were the moments of a relationship that this particular project was about. I personify the character of ‘Ashima and it’s a very interesting story When I made this short film, I was not married so for me it was completely new, in which I had no experience. started to identify with the character and that’s what my journey has been with him.”

Akshay Anand Kohli adds, “Manav, my character is this guy who tries too hard to create a better future for his family, but sacrifices the joy of the present. Manav loves his wife but doesn’t know how to express it. The beauty of this film is that it exposes the audience to the past, present and future of our character, through a simple scene. Sanah and I have collaborated on stage several times before this film happened. Sanah is an incredible actress, she respects the process and is always prepared.It is always a pleasure to work with Sanah.

Giving an overview of the short film, Producer Rahul Datta says, “The film is about how lack of communication can lead to more complications in a relationship. Blue Cupboard is a metaphor for the communication the couple might have had and thus, things They could have had It was a wonderful experience working with them, both actors were very insightful and their cooperation helped us bring the story to the screen as we intended.

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