The Witcher season 3 confirmed with second animated feature


Additionally, a family-friendly Witcher series will kind of be added to the mix.


In spectacular news today, Season 3 of The Witcher has been officially confirmed on The Witcher’s official Twitter page. In a painfully brief clip, we see the symbols of Gwynbleidd (The White Wolf), Zireael (Swallow), and the Obsidian Star. The symbols then rotate to the side, showing the appearance of three lines, symbolizing the third season of The Witcher.

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While we know next to nothing about Season Three, as it’s just been confirmed, we do know that the White Wolf represents Geralt, the Swallow represents Ciri, and the Obsidian Star represents Yennefer, so we’re likely to see them all three together in the third season, if not in the second.

Additionally, The Witcher’s official Twitter page confirmed a second animated feature to follow from Nightmare of the Wolf, a Netflix spin-off premiered in August of this year and focused on Geralt’s mentor Vesemir. No information has been given on how or not the next anime feature will connect to the first.

Finally, it has also been confirmed that a new children’s and family series set in the world of The Witcher will be arriving. While it’s hard to imagine a family version of anything in the world of The Witcher, we’re excited to see how they’re going to go about it and what it will look like.

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