The trailer for a periodical short film about the trans woman has been released

The trailer for a periodic short film, “Arikandi”, which is about a transsexual warrior who lived 350 years ago in the Virudhunagar region of Tamil Nadu, was released here on Saturday.

“In an attempt to find a voice within cinema to change the common trope and narratives that society has cast on the transgender community, the transgender woman warrior short film was crafted,” Priya Babu, transgender activist and director of The short, said at launch.

Priya Babu said it was the first-ever periodical short film based on a trans woman. It was financed by his own production company ‘Trans Film’. The film had 58 performers, 11 of whom were trans women, she added.

Transgender women K. Mahilmathi and M. Booma, drama artists making their film debuts, said, “This film will create more openings for us in the film world with meaningful roles.

Talk to The Hindu, Priya Babu said the film was an attempt to break the stereotypes thrown at them as a community. “After spending a year doing research, including talking in detail with 12 zamindars from the southern districts, I made the film, which is a humble description of how the transcommunity was known for its bravery and courage to protect former members of the royal family and not as sex workers as we are generally considered,” she said.

Writer and historian RK Vikrama Karna Pazhuvettarayar said that transgender people had held crucial positions and had an indisputable place even in Chola history. He said the story’s oneliner stemmed from the story written by writer Kaniyan Selvaraj, who also attended. He also appreciated Priya Babu for her efforts to fully understand every detail of the story.

Speaking on the occasion, she said the portrayal of transgender people in film through strong stereotypical lenses has broken them as a community. “But with this film, we will rise into the same arena where we have been reduced to frames of ridicule,” she said.

She expressed her wish “to be reborn as a transwoman because there is a lot of pride and richness in that”.

Mr. Davamani Christober, principal and secretary of the American College, urged students to read beyond textbooks to keep abreast of social issues. The film is expected to be released in the first week of December.

Former zamindars Ramasamy Kamaya Naicker (Saptur) and Kirubakaran (Sivagiri) and independent filmmaker Divya Bharathi were present.

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