The Movie – The Director’s Edition’ –

The Shuttle Pod crew is back, and this time they’re discussing 2022 Director’s Edition of The film. This is by far the biggest “Legacy Trek” project since the remastering of The next generation. Join them as podcasters provide insight into the rushed 1979 release, and why legendary director Robert Wise didn’t quite get his final cut until the 2001 release of Director’s Edition on DVD which helped refine the film with a neater narrative. They delve into what exactly differentiates DE from other versions, with a brief overview of the changes, as well as a specific discussion on the new 2022 version.

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Some links of interest related to this podcast:

Video review of Eaglemoss’ V’Ger replica which combines the model with TMP footage which helps place everything seen in the movie.

A bulleted list of changes made for the DE 2001 can be found in the IMDb Alternate Versions page for The film.

A complete visual guide to the changes to the 2001 Director’s Edition can be found in this annotated Google Photos album from the Twitter account @startrekviscomp. The author will also make a new 2022 version soon.

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