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The new release Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition on Paramount+ has garnered positive reviews across the web. This new release is practically begging to be seen on the big screen. So it’s no surprise that we have an update on movie screenings from Fathom Events, as well as a few other little bits of love from TMP.

Fathom Events adds a third day

Initially, the screenings were only scheduled for two days: Sunday May 22 and Wednesday May 25. Now Monday, May 23 has been added. Tickets are on sale now at Fathom also released their own version of the OF trailer, included below.

Screenings must be of high quality

More good news about the Fathom screening comes from a fan who asked producer David Fein on Twitter about the quality of the screenings (hats off to @StarTrekVisComp for drawing attention to the interaction). Fathom events use a variety of delivery mechanisms, including what is basically just a special Dish Network satellite feed, so these events can have a wide variety of quality levels depending on the delivery mechanism.

Fein responded that he expected Fathom to use a digital cinema set, which is the industry standard method for releasing feature films to theaters. It is therefore expected that the quality will be as good as any other current film released in theaters.

Director’s Edition the team talks about Trek and Robert Wise

Last week, Paramount+ released a fun video that showcases the Director’s Edition crew discussing their fandom and their mission to bring director Robert Wise’s favorite cut into the modern age.

4K Theatrical and Director’s Edition Comparison

YouTube movie fan My Moon has already grabbed some scenes from the 4K/HDR versions of the theatrical version of TMP released in 2021 and the new Director’s Edition compare.

The video is available on YouTube in 4K and HDR with compatible displays, and is best viewed on such equipment.

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