The Motion Picture Director’s Edition 4K Remasters New Footage

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Edition 4K revamp continues.

December 7 marked 42 years since Star Trek: The Movie created. While fans disagree on the merits of ST:TMP as a Star Trek movie, everyone agrees that Paramount’s insistence on a December 7, 1979 release date hurt the film. The story of how director Robert Wise made a copy of the film so fresh it was wet until its world premiere in Washington, DC is famous.

Paramount finally gave Wise, a true Hollywood great, the opportunity to properly complete the project. The 2001 “Director’s Edition” of ST:TMP, with a tighter pacing, more character moments and improved effects, transformed “a very good but flawed picture into – yes, a classic of the genre”, according to Variety. (This was the tipping point that broke yours truly and eventually bought a DVD player, at the very start of the 21st century.)

Now Paramount is restoring the Director’s Edition for our current era of 4K Ultra High Definition. Producer David C. Fein, catering supervisor Mike Matessino, and visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman have been hard at work preparing this latest iteration of the Enterprise’s first trip to the big screen. And if the new images Paramount released yesterday are any indication, the final product is going to be glorious.

Star Trek: The Movie will be fantastic in 4K

Earlier this week, David Fein updated his article on the ST:TMP Restoration Project to include even more new images from the project. They promise to look good in a whole new way to the film’s original marketing tagline, “There is no comparison.”

Here are the new images that impressed me the most, like posted to Twitter by the folks at, with side-by-side comparisons to the 2001 version of the snaps.

V’Ger’s probe, which eventually kills and replaces Lt. Ilia, now looks bigger and brighter than in the 2001 Director’s Edition. Business. And details like the saloon windows aft of the main hull are more illuminated.

More light now flows from the “island” on which our heroes will encounter V’Ger himself, making the shape of the structure easier to discern. And the Business also shines brighter than before. Notice how we can now see the lines of the plates making up the hull of the ship.

Added a reflection of the Business at the travel pod window was one of the director’s edit’s brightest touches. Two decades later, Fein and the restoration team have taken the thinking further. Captain Kirk said it to confuse Norman in “I, Mudd”, but it’s true – the Business is a lovely lady, and we love her!

Be sure to check out all the new footage from Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Edition 4K Remaster, and look for the project to debut on Paramount+ in early 2022 before moving to physical media.

How exciting that, 42 years later after its first creation and 21 years after its first restoration, this particular and important chapter of the human adventure is always what to start!

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