The Hating Game soundtrack is now available

Republic Records and Federal Films released The Hating Game (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Based on the bestselling book by Sally Thorne, the film of the same name stars Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell and is available now in select theaters and everywhere on demand and digital.

The 11-song soundtrack features new music from artists Angelina Jordan, Astrid S & Dagny, bülow, Claire Rosinkranz and Joy Oladokunalongside fan-favorite tracks from BENEDJeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler, Lyn Lapid, and more.

The Hating Game tells the story of an ambitious good girl, Lucy Hutton (Lucy Hale) and her cold and efficient work enemy, Joshua Templeman (Austin Stowell), both employed by for a huge promotion at home. Bexley & Gamin edition.

Committed to achieving professional success without compromising her ethics, Lucy eventually embarks on a ruthless game of one-upmanship against Josh, a rivalry that is only further complicated by her growing attraction to him after an innocent elevator ride turns in NSFW. Is it love or just another game in their endless pursuit for the highest position?

Directed by Peter Hutchings, the film also stars Samon Daunno, Yasha Jackson, Sean Cullen along with Sakina Jaffrey and Corbin Bernsen. The film received praise from BuzzFeed, Entertainment Tonight Online, American Magazine, Varietyand more.

The Hating Game is available now in select theaters and everywhere on demand and digital.

Buy or stream The Hating Game (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):

The Hating Game (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) includes the following tracks:

“Jolie” by Astrid S and Dagny
“7/11” by bülow
“Dover Beach” door Baby Queen
“Count on Me” by Joy Oladokun
“In My Head” by Lyn Lapid
“Mercy” by Angelina Jordan
“Glitter” by BENEE
“Feel Good” by Command Sisters
“Don’t Miss Me” by Claire Rosinkranz
“That’s How You Fall In Love” by Jeremy Zucker + Chelsea Cutler
“Someone” by Dagny

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