The Cinema Department short film “Sole Survivor” will be released with Dolby Surround sound technology in the near future – Valencia Voice

The Dolby Atmos 3-D Sound Theater on the Valencia East Campus, one of three on the US East Coast (Becca Sara Coffy)

The Film Department at Valencia College School of Arts and Entertainment is proceeding with the production of a collaborative short film titled “Sole Survivor” using Dolby Atmos 3-D sound in their first combined production. Valencia College East Campus has a Dolby Atmos mixing room and a Dolby Atmos projection center.

Wilmore “Moe” Fowler is the film production coordinator for Valencia College at East Campus. Fowler explained, “There are three in central Florida. Altamonte Springs has the first, Disney Springs has the second, and the third is at Valencia College. Valencia College is the only public institution on the East Coast to have one. Dolby Atmos is 3D sound, which means you can hear sound coming anywhere, anytime with any speaker. Sole Survivor is the first project that combines their three departments, and they all use Dolby.

From an excerpt provided by Valencia’s film department:

Sole Survivor opens with a rich tapestry of sounds in various locations. Audience members experience this soundscape through a man uniquely called the artist. Sole Survivor follows the artist, experiences the world through his ears and eyes as he tries on and buys a strange collection of shoes – cowboy boots, women’s dancing shoes with sturdy heels and pink stilettos – eventually following him to a recording studio where he churns out the sounds of a superhero movie as production artist Foley.

The film department had a professional casting company that sent out casting calls, and they also informed their students about projects. Fowler said, “There were various resources I used to help get the project started from people and casting companies I know to friends in the industry who referred me to certain actors/actresses. So it didn’t come from just one source. Valensky Sylvain, owner of Dark Elf Casting and friend of our program, helped cast two of the characters.

PC: Becca Sara Coffy. Students in the Valencia Film Department program work on assignments.

The cast and crew had a great time during “Sole Survivor” production.

A student from Valencia poses with a large camera and film sets ahead of the 27th annual Valencia College Film Festival on March 4.

Katy Figueroa, 20, production coordinator, says she has done other productions even though this is her first short. Figueroa described how filmmaking and television are different. On a web series, filming takes place on a specific day, but that’s everywhere with a movie. It all depends on location, time, weather and lighting. From his television experience, there is more of a set schedule.

Martin Alanso Piado, 27, production manager, said: “Moe (Fowler) taught Katie and me a lot. For example, how well specific elements need to be performed on set. I like to see who will work best together and when a problem arises he likes to find a way to solve it in seconds.

Piado offers this advice for pursuing a career in the film industry: “If you want to do it. Don’t let the perception that it’s hard to get into the industry keep you from getting into it.

The expected completion date is set for the end of June.

Editor’s note:

The East Campus Film Department is an Emmy Award winner. A documentary called “A Wartime Experiment in WoManpower” won a regional Emmy earlier this year.

Jon Anderson, a professor of film production technology, was announced as the winner of the 2020 Suncoast Regional Emmy Award for Historical Documentary in late 2020 for a film titled “WASP: A Wartime An Experiment in WoManpower.” In the spring of 2021, Anderson presented music production technology professor Raul Valery with an Honorary Regional Emmy from Suncoast for his contribution to the sound editing of the final project. WASP, which stands for “Women Airforce Service Pilots”, gallantly recovers and illuminates the incredible stories of a group of women who heroically piloted military aircraft during World War II, only to be forgotten before the war ended.

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