Ten To See by Cherie Federico at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival



THE 2021 Aesthetica Short Film Festival opens today in York with the invitation to “discover the new cinema”.

In its 11th year, the BAFTA-recognized festival takes the form of a hybrid event after going fully online in 2020 with Covid prevention, now combining a live festival in York this week with a virtual online event of longer duration.

Cinema screenings and live events, such as masterclasses, take place today through Sunday, across multiple venues, while the digital platform offers live events from York, a range of virtual masterclasses and on-demand movie programs, available until November 30. .

Under the hybrid umbrella, the festival can be attended in three ways: in person, virtually or through a mix of the two, with tickets on sale at asff.co.uk/tickets/.

To discover the program, with no less than 500 films, visit: issuu.com/aesthetica_magazine/docs/aesthetica-short-film-festival-2021?fr=sNzFhOTQwNTI0MjM.

Here are director Cherie Federico’s Ten To See recommendations for the Aesthetica 2021 Short Film Festival:

1. Daily programs of films: Official selection ASFF has six installments of thematic films this year, released online and screened in theaters. Each installment features multiple genres of films, including comedy, drama, documentary, animation, and thriller. Short films, feature films and VR (virtual reality) films are available for viewing on demand and in theaters. For more details go to: and copy: asff.co.uk/film-programme/.

2. VR Lab and associated round tables: Participants can experience virtual reality and 360 movies at the VR Lab in York or at home with a headset. The festival’s panels with industry experts provide the opportunity to learn more about cutting-edge technologies in the field of cinema. Go to: asff.co.uk/vr-lab/.

3. Masterclasses Each year, ASFF welcomes industry leaders from various disciplines to discuss their craft, offering the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge in directing, animation, VFX (visual effects), documentary and cinematographic production. This year’s lineup includes speakers from the BBC, Film4, Channel 4 and The Guardian.

4. Masterclass: Industrial Light & Magic: Fantastic Universes, November 5, Yorkshire Museum and live broadcast

As a visual effects and animation studio for Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic has been responsible for creating some of the most memorable and magical worlds in modern cinema. VFX supervisor Julian Foddy, who has worked on blockbusters such as Fast & Furious 9, The Mandalorian, and the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, presents a masterclass that will shed light on this fascinating area of ​​post-production.

For more details on Foddy’s compelling vision for the hard work and innovation required to create compelling and compelling universes, visit: asff.co.uk/all-masterclasses/.

5. Masterclass: Striking Portraits: Documentaries That Change The World, Asif Kapadia, November 6, Yorkshire Museum and live broadcast. Four-time BAFTA and Grierson Award-winning Oscar-winning filmmaker Asif Kapadia has worked in both fiction and documentary, with credits such as The Warrior (starring the late Irrfan Khan), Senna, Amy and Diego Maradona from 2019. In this illustrated masterclass with Jason Wood, Kapadia discusses her long career, her influences, her hopes for a more diverse industry, and her pioneering work in creating influential portraits of icons often imperfect and troubled. More details can be found at: asff.co.uk/all-masterclasses/.

6. Guest program: Imperial War Museum. The Imperial War Museum presents a program of archival images under the title How The Past Is Presented: Geopolitics in Iraq and the Gulf. More details: asff.co.uk/film-programme/#GuestProgrammes.

7. Guest program: September 11, twenty years later Aesthetica marks the 20th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City with a three-part program of films examining its impact and consequences. More details: asff.co.uk/film-programme/#GuestProgrammes.

8. Family projections. Cinema is for everyone. These family-friendly programs are designed for ages 4 to 12, although they touch on emotions and provide layers of meaning for adults and caregivers, with age-appropriate entertainment, comedies and dramas. . More details: asff.co.uk/film-programme/#FamilyFriendly

9. Sound installation, November 5 and 6, Spark: York. Experimental singer and sound artist Yifat Ziv presents a multi-speaker sound piece titled Amazonian Traces Of Self, based on her experience in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. More details: issuu.com/aesthetica_magazine/docs/aesthetica-short-film-festival-2021?fr=sNzFhOTQwNTI0MjM

10. Industry market. The industry marketplace is a vital meeting space for established and aspiring filmmakers, industry professionals, academics, students, and film buffs. The 2021 event welcomes representatives from film festivals, universities and casting companies as well as strategists, consultants and mentors, in person on November 5 and online through November 30. More details: asff.co.uk/industry-marketplace/.


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