Taylor Swift said she wanted to direct a feature film

Taylor Swift is aiming to direct another project, following the success of Too good: the short film.

The singer attended the Tribeca Film Festival this year to present an exclusive screening of the music video (she released an even longer version for fans to stream, which runs just over 11 minutes). During the Q&A portion of the evening, Swift revealed that she wanted to continue working behind the camera. “It would be so fantastic to write and direct a feature film,” she said. “But I don’t see it being bigger in terms of scale. I loved making such an intimate film, with a relatively small crew and a really strong group of people that I trusted.

Too good: the short film, premiered in November 2021. Swift originally released the song in 2012, and it’s largely believed to be about her former flame Jake Gyllenhaal. Over the years, the heartbreaking anthem has remained a fan favorite for its impassioned lyrics, which call on a lover to be “cruelly flippant in the name of honesty.”

The film adaptation is nothing short of heartbreaking, thanks to Swift’s direction and stellar performances from Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. The The Stranger Thing The star plays a young writer in the short, while O’Brien stars as his controversial love interest. Both actors appeared at the Tribeca screening, and O’Brien called his character “a narcissistic, self-centered child.”

During their conversation, Swift explained that directing the project’s emotional scenes was sometimes taxing. “It’s true that most of the time I was behind the monitor watching Sadie perform,” she said. “I was physically tightening my chest. Every time I watch it, it’s actually hard for me to watch it, especially when [she’s] crying so hard it’s worrying. It’s truly upsetting in the best way.

Swift then reflected on her experience working on the project, which has now gained 67 million views, with pride. “I’m in this situation, standing on this stage talking about a short film that I’m incredibly proud of because I lost all my work,” she said. Last year, she began the process of re-recording her masters after losing the right to her music catalog. “I wasn’t able to own my work and I’ve wanted it since I can remember,” she explained. “It was a very difficult time for me.”

In the past, the singer also directed the music video for her 2019 track, “The Man.” She didn’t reveal any details about upcoming projects, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see her next vision come to life.

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