Suchitra Krishnamoorthi Opens Up About Her New Short Film “Veera”

Veteran actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, who plays a central role in the recently released short ‘Veera’ as part of the army anthology ‘Bravehearts’, shares how the story ‘kicked a chord with her’.

The film focuses on the character of Veera, who initially believes it was the bravery and patriotism the country remembers and celebrates her father for, that took her father away. She is shown preparing for her NDA exams which she has no will to pass or follow in the footsteps of her father whose dying wish was for her to join the Indian Armed Forces.

Although her father is known as a martyr and a hero, Veera remains oblivious to love and appreciation until she discovers a hidden letter her mother delivers to her. The letter helps him not only to discover himself, but also to identify his true vocation.

While young actress Aadhya Anand played the title role in the film, Suchitra played the role of Shalini Acharya, mother of Veera Acharya.

Speaking about her role, Suchitra said, “The script was very powerful for me and touched my heart. ‘Veera’ shows beautifully how the life of an army officer can even truly inspire loved ones and loved ones. of family. The respected responsibility of our soldiers is truly admirable even after they lost their lives fighting tirelessly for the country. Being a part of Bravehearts is my way of honoring our brave martyrs.

Aadhya shared her thoughts on the role of Veera saying, “Veera is a new age tale of a young girl, establishing her identity while searching for her father who she never had the chance to grow up with. Bravehearts is a series of untold stories of the bravery of the men and women and their families in the service of our country who end up sacrificing themselves to be forgotten. I am so happy to have been able to portray a character as strong as Veera, who is a tribute to our defense forces.

The ‘Bravehearts’ series airs on Dice Media’s YouTube channel.

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