Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Ultra HD Blu-ray Ultra HD 4K Review (Original Collection of 4 films)



Despite being a box office success in 1979, Star Trek: The Movie was unfairly battered when it first hit theaters and to this day still remains one of the most underrated entries in the entire franchise. Most audiences and occasional fans of the Star Trek the universe finds lack of action and an explicitly mean antagonist in part to blame for the film’s laborious pace. Admittedly, the story heavily focused on dialogue is slow compared to other installments and quietly takes its time to reach its destination. Director Robert Wise (The day the earth stood still The Andromeda strain) pays great attention to visual effects, characters, and the return of the original cast in the iconic ship Business. However, where some see a slow, lackluster start to the series, I see a deliberately measured and methodical flow towards a thought-provoking conclusion that always inspires intriguing discussion.

Rather than following in the footsteps of action-fantasy Star wars, Wise and his team have crafted a more traditional or “true” sci-fi tale. Once we get to the surprise twist of V’Ger, it becomes clear that the plot grapples with difficult philosophical themes about the concept of God, the purpose of existence, and the difficulty of setting those observations apart. of our cognitive experiences. One of my favorite aspects of Wise’s movie is the V’Ger entity in a robotic replica of Ilia struggling to understand “carbon lifeforms” as living creatures, instead of being an infestation and to measure life according to the likeness of the entity. Admittedly, the journey to get there is undoubtedly long and the production is not without flaws. But for me the trip is well deserved and rewarding, and the USS crew’s debut feature Business ultimately looks like a smart, lofty episode of the original TV series.

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Vital Disc Stats: Ultra HD Blu-ray
Paramount Home Entertainment brings the Star Trek 4K Ultra HD movie series in the form of an eight disc combo pack dubbed the “4 Movie Collection” which includes a leaflet with digital copy codes for each movie. This code unlocks 4K UHD digital copies on services like iTunes and Vudu with Dolby Vision HDR video and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio. The first four UHD66 dual-layer drives are housed in a slightly thicker black eco-elite case with two center axles. Meanwhile, the remaining four Region Free Blu-ray copies are packaged in a thicker-than-normal blue eco-elite case with two center axes. Both packages come with a sliding glossy cover on the side. On startup, viewers are greeted with a static screen, the usual options at the bottom, and music in the background.


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