Star Trek shows footage from Star Trek: The Restoration movie


Star Trek: The Motion Picture is undergoing full restoration for fans.

Between January and March 2022, the fully restored version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture will be released for fans to watch. The film will first launch on Paramount +. While no DVD / BluRay has been announced yet, you should expect them to eventually release it upon purchase.

It was announced in July that the film was edited by producer David C. Fein, Michael Matessino and Daren Dochterman who all worked on the 2001 edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The three men are back for the film‘s restoration efforts, which promises the most immersive version of the film to date.

The film will now be in 4K Ultra HD, and the sound and music will also be improved to better adapt to modern technology. To help build the buzz about the film’s imminent release, Star and Fein posted some footage of them working on the project.

The restoration will have an unexpected positive impact on new Star Trek fans.

While some will wonder what another re-release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture will be good for, other than getting even more money from Trek fans who have already purchased the film three or four times at this point in their lives. What these fans don’t think about are the new fans who have joined the franchise in recent years.

With so much going on in the franchise over the past few years, there is a lot of older content that can be swept away by all newer released. With the movies and shows released since the 1980s, movies like The Motion Picture have been buried under so many other things.

Not only that, he also doesn’t have the best of reputations. If you’re looking for a good Trek to watch, not many people would recommend the first movie.

A reissue of this magnitude is sure to get people to watch this movie. Whether for the first time or the 100th time. A movie’s reputation is evolving as well, so if enough new eyes catch the movie and love it, who knows, maybe The Motion Picture’s reputation will improve as a result.

That hope alone is worth the time to invest in making the film the best it has ever been.


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