Sorry Bhaisaab Review: Sharib Hashmi & Gauahar Khan’s Short Is A Pleasant Slice Of Life Commentary

Sorry Bhaisaab

To throw: Sharib Hashmi, Gauahar Khan

Directors: Suman Adhikary and Sumit Ghildayal

Streaming enabled: Amazon Mini TV

Stars: 3.5 / 5

It’s weird even as I’m writing this, but I’m going: Slice-of-Life movies are a breath of fresh air. Hindi cinema is currently in the process of making biopics, larger-than-life fantasy and period dramas, horror comedies, high octane actors and, not to mention, movies with social messages. valid. In the midst of this, Sorry Bhaisaab with Gauahar Khan and Sharib Hashmi emerges as a well-deserved break, the sole motive of which seems to offer relativity and light pleasure.

Mr. and Mrs. Gupta are your everyday couple with aspirations that will touch the masses. Their life is as mundane as it gets, with the limited happiness offered by morning walks, kitten parties, the joy of showing off in front of the neighbors and even going to see the movie “Bhai” at the movies. In about twenty minutes, the writers-directors Suman Adhikary and Sumit Ghildayal mocking the aspirations of the middle class happily and taking liberties to show nonsense that finds its place in our lives. The side commentary on female drivers and defense of Kamla aka Kimmi (Gauahar) is a nice addition, but that’s all it is.

Gauahar and Sharib are fun to watch, the two actors complementing each other with their striking personalities. Especially Sharib Hashmi, who has been convincing in all of his recent appearances on OTT.

Ultimately, viewers will most likely have to deduce what exactly the “signal from God” was all this time. Moreover, does God even pay attention to the ordinary life of Mr. and Mrs. Gupta? I’ll let you decide.

You can watch Sorry Bhaisaab on Amazon Mini TV starting today, December 16th.

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