ShortAnimaDoc short film festival kicks off in Almaty and presents the best works of Kazakh directors

NUR-SULTAN – ShortAnimaDoc, a festival of shorts, animated films and documentaries directed by Kazakh filmmakers, kicked off on November 23 in Almaty and will run until November 26, reports the National Film Support State Center.

The festival created on November 23 will be continue until November 26. Photo credit:

An event like this is taking place for the first time, but the National Film Support State Center, as the organizer of the festival, plans to hold it every year to help young filmmakers promote their works.

The first two animated films that opened the festival are the fairy tale “Lullaby” by Dilshat Rakhmatullin and “Kenzhe qyz” (A Little Girl), a 10-part epic directed by Ivan Ardashov about a brave girl who leaves in dangerous journey. to fight evil.

“I was very excited to attend this event and I was scared for the youngsters because it is a series and secondly the theme is difficult. I have to say the experience exceeded all expectations. YesYoung people work, they have a new language, they have a new tempo-rhythm, and it’s very interesting. I am very happy for the new Kazakh animators ”, Tamara Mukanova shared her impressions after watching “Kenzhe qyz”, a prominent figure in Kazakh animation.

A documentary and two feature films will be presented on the second day of the festival. The first film “Sovereigns of Eurasia” directed by Alexey Kamenskiy will discuss the role of women in the political life of the ancient and medieval states of the Great Steppe.

The upcoming film “Koshe akyny” (A Street Singer) directed by Samgar Rakhym offers a new perspective on the generation gap between fathers and their children, while the film “Mergen” (A Sniper) by Raiymbek Alzhanov tells the story of a little boy named Mergen, who must grow up due to the absence of his father-warrior and take care of his family abandoned by his loved ones during the harsh war of the 17th century. Alzhanov’s film was recognized as Best Thriller at the Shenzhen International Film Festival in China and received the Best Director and Best Cinematography awards at the Golden Wheat Awards in Turkey this year.

Not only adults but also children attended the festival to watch exciting movies. Photo credit:

On the third day, the festival will present the documentary “Burning October 1941” directed by Nikolay Raisov on the heroic act of the 312nd Rifle Division in the Battle of Moscow during the World Cup Second war.

The upcoming film “Granada” directed by Daler Murzagaliyev centers on a single father who has lost his only son and wants revenge. A social drama “Rukh” (Spirit) directed by Madi Kayrzhan is about the kidnapping of a girl for the purpose of marrying her to a man against her complete will on the third day.

“Grenade” and “Koshe akyny” received the awards for best screenplay and best editing at the 6th BAIQONYR International Short Film Festival.

The last day of the festival begins with another documentary on the contribution of the Kazakh people to victory in the world Second war named “The Last Frontier” directed by Elena Kovardakova. After that, three short films – “Qus” (The Bird) by Begaly Shibekeev, “The Hot Lake” (Aruan Anartayev) and “The Longest Day of Summer” (Azamat Bukeshov) – will be shown.

“Overall, citizens of Almaty will be able to watch two animated films, three documentaries and seven short films in four days, while ShortAnimaDoc will be held in Nur-Sultan from December 7 to 10,” wrote the organizers of the festival on their website.

The festival also plans to include master classes and meetings with filmmakers.

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