Short film Maratha Mandir Cinema pays homage to DDLJ


Maratha Mandir Cinema

A short film titled Maratha Mandir Cinema pays homage to Shahrukh Khan and Kajol star DDLJ, who turned 26 and was screened in the eponymous Maharashtra movie theater for a record 25 years.

The 13-minute film that aired on the Gorilla Short YouTube channel explores DDLJ’s social impact on Kamathipura sex workers in Mumbai. Directed by novelist-turned-filmmaker Pankaj Dubey, this film stars famous actors Sarika, Swanand Kirkire, Tanvi Ravindra Sangvai and Rajeev K Panday.

Giving us more information about the film, Dubey says, “The film revolves around the life of a young woman called Simran from Kamathipura. Her heart is nestled in the neighborhood theater – the Maratha Mandir cinema where DDLJ is the only escape route from the daily chore. It is not just a film for her but the hope of love and liberation.

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Award-winning national actor Swanand Kirkire adds: “It was quite humbling to play an important character in this story who keeps the most neglected section of our society at the center of the discussion.”

The short film was scripted by Shraddha Singh and funded by Dubey’s Friends of the University of Delhi Law Center Campus.

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