Short film ‘Blind Man’s Bluff’ in production at Ballyfermot


A new short film produced by Hour Hearts Productions in association with Cinetex Films is currently in production in the Dublin suburb of Ballyfermot.

Blind man’s Bluff, written by Paul “Tall Order” Richie and Michael Maher and directed by Colm Sexton is a gritty drama centered on a working-class community on the brink after the demise of a talented young boxer. This is the third disappearance of missing children in the region in three months and the film will see the tension rise until it implodes towards the end.

Directed by Colm Sexton and written by Paul Ritchie (Tall Order) & Michael Maher, the film features two young new talents from Ballyfermot. Cillian Byrne (12) plays Steo, a youngster from Ballyfermot who is always in trouble and Dominic Berry (13) a member of the traveling community who plays Johnny, a calm boy always misled by Steo. Veteran actor Richard Mason stars as Gerry, a well-respected blind man in the area.
Myles Maher, also a member of the Traveling Community, plays Thomas and veteran actor Jeff O’Toole plays Detective John Curran.

The whole Ballyfermot community is mobilizing and supporting the project with everyone in the region helping in any way possible to keep the production running smoothly. Community spirit is high and shows how good things can come from an area when everyone is backing it – this is great for an area that has been in the news for the wrong reasons in the past.

Writer / Director Paul Richie

You can keep up to date with Blind man’s Bluff the progress of Hour Hearts Productions by following the Hour Hearts Productions Facebook page

Good luck to all participants !

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