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The apocalyptic monster road movie, WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN, has entered post-production.

Directed by Scott Lyus, making his film debut, the graphic story of two strangers navigating through a barren landscape, was shot in a fortnight at locations such as Kirklinton Hall & Gardens, Eden Valley Railway and Lake Buttermere.

The UK-produced film, which he also wrote, stars Reece Douglas of Cruel Summer, newcomer Sophia Eleni, Johnny Vivash (Book of Monsters) and James Swanton as The Monster Creation ‘ The Forsaken ‘.

The design of the Forsaken creature was created by acclaimed SFX artist Dan Martin (Host, Lords of Chaos)

Synopsis: Set six months after a biblical plague fell on the world, WALK AGAINST THE RAIN tells the story of two strangers, Tommy (Reece Douglas) and Blair (Sophia Eleni) who make their way through a landscape arid in a desperate attempt to find himself. With their only form of communication being two battery-powered radio microphones that will soon die, and with a new evil in the form of “The Forsaken” stalking them, they must learn to cope with loss and rediscover a trust in humanity. Or die.

Longtime co-producers and collaborators Scott Lyus and Chris Nials have created several successful short films, including Silently Within Your Shadow, Echoes of the Passed and, most recently, multiple award-winning Black Mass.

Lyus commented, “The production of Walking Against the Rain was a dream come true. The team delivered beyond that, with the cast bringing each character to life in breathtaking ways. I got to work with some of the characters. most talented people in the indie movie, with everyone pulling in the same direction to create a unique and spellbinding monster movie. I can’t wait to edit the movie and launch it out to the world. “

WALKING AGAINST THE RAIN is a Crossroad Pictures production written and directed by Scott Lyus. The film is produced by Scott Lyus, with executive producer Chris Nails and assistant producer Mel Morley. The film is produced by Malcolm Winter and Monika Gergelova of M&M Film Productions and funded by Red Rock Entertainment.

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