sakshi: a short film that explores complex relationships

Bengaluru-based documentary maker Sakshi Mehra is set to make her directorial debut with an independent film that explores the intricacies of family relationships. Entitled Love You Too, it is a woman-centered film, whose story revolves around the relationship between two sisters who are complicated and strong characters. The purpose of the 32-minute feature film, says Sakshi, is to explore relationships, how human beings behave in difficult situations, and how this affects their journey in the long run. “There’s no social message as such in the film, because I feel like it’s a saturated space with a lot of content around. Instead, this drama pursues the characters in three different timelines – in their childhoods, teens and early twenties, and in their late twenties and early thirties. It explores how their personalities change over time, ”explains Sakshi. The film crew includes Krishna MV (director of photography) and actors Moumita Pal, Ekta Singh and Aviral Sharma.

For the setting, Sakshi and his team chose a century-old building in Udupi that had its own advantage. “Outside of the script, filming in a remote location in an old building made it easy for us to follow COVID protocols. But of course our whole team was tested and vaccinated before filming. The other reason for the choice of the building was that the decor plays an important role in the film and that the house has its own character, which we didn’t want to compromise on, explains Sakshi, who adds that one of the inspirations for choosing such a setting was films like Kumbalangi Nights and Super Deluxe.

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