Rupak Bhuyan’s short film wins 7 awards at international film festivals

SIVASAGAR, September 10: Sivasagar writer, director and theater personality, Rupak Bhuyan has won 7 international film festival awards for his new 21-minute short film ”anya ek prithvi” (A Different World), which is based on the world of the visually impaired.

Prizes include – (1) Buddha Int’l Film Fest, Pune (Best Indian Short Film), (2) Athvikvaruni Int’l Film Fest, Chennai (Best Experimental Short Film), (3) Golden Sparrow Int’l Film Fest , Goa, (Special Jury Prize and Best International Short Film), (4) Nitin Int’l Film Fest, Malaysia (Best Experimental Short Film), (5) Rohip Int’l Film Fest, Goa, (Best Experimental Short Film ), (6) Makizmithran Int’l Film, Goa, (Best Experimental Short Film) and (7) Madras Int’l Film Fest, Chennai, (Special Mention and Best Experimental Short Film).

Talk to The Tribune of Assam , Bhuyan said he was inspired to make a film about the visually impaired after producing a drama at Sivasagar Natya Mandir a few years ago with the students of Moran Blind School. One of the students asked him to make a movie with them too as they were delighted with their performance on stage. Bunya’s son and his sister Ranjana Chaliha also inspired him to make the film. He wrote a script and finally on January 5, 2022 he brought 22 blind students from different places in Assam. He chose an ideal location in Sapekhati Dhuniapathar gaon and shot there for a fortnight. The villagers generously helped the cast and crew of the film and Bhuyan expressed his gratitude to them. Bhuyan said he did not receive any financial support from any person or institution to make the film.

Bhuyan said making a movie with a visually impaired person is very difficult, but their superior sensitivity and wonderful ability to follow spoken instructions made it easy. Picking up the project, he had phone conversations with each individual in the group to understand their world and their feelings and outlook. He added that his film screened in a preliminary screening at Hollywood Raleigh Studio on August 29. If selected, it will be included in a group of five best short films to be presented in front of a panel of critics and eminent filmmakers. Bhuyan said his film is the first Assamese film of any category to be screened in Hollywood. He hopes he gets a good response in Hollywood. Bhuyan is now busy with two of his new stories True love and Abyakta.

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