Robert Eggers is working on his first feature YellowBrickRoad

Robert Egger is frequently cited as one of the best young directors working today, and this year The man from the north seemed to solidify that feeling. However, contrary to popular belief, Eggers did not burst onto the scene with the 2015s. The witch; he had worked in the costume design and art department of many short films for years before this feature directorial debut.

YellowBrickRoad, the very first feature film Eggers worked on, will be released August 9 on Blu-ray for the 10th anniversary. Besides being a truly disturbing cult movie starring a young Cassidy Freeman (Longmire, The Virtuous Gemstones, The Eternal Purge), the film also introduced the world to some of Eggers’ early designs and costumes, which have become legendary for their authenticity and meticulous attention to detail. The Blu-ray provides behind-the-scenes footage of Eggers, 26 at the time, working diligently but happily on the film. It’s a culturally significant document of the development of a great artist, and MovieWeb has an exclusive clip.


Robert Eggers walks the YellowBrickRoad

The clip is among many additional features from Lightyear Entertainment in their updated special edition of YellowBrickRoadwhich includes two behind-the-scenes featurettes, Blood FX hands-on on an indie budget and Walk the YellowBrickRoadplus new interviews with writer/director Andy Mitton (We carry on, the harbinger) and Jesse Holland (The crooked man), which also provide a director’s commentary. Cassidy Freeman and her brother Clark (who worked together here as cast and executive producers) are also interviewed, along with producer Eric Hungerford.

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YellowBrickRoad is set along the mountain trails surrounding the small town of Friar, New Hampshire, where a group of filmmakers, historians and psychologists investigate a Roanoke-like disappearance. In 1940, the townspeople mysteriously disappeared after a screening of The Wizard of Oz and never returned, with only one survivor emerging from the desert. Now, researchers believe they’ve found the exact route the townspeople traveled and are embarking on an expedition into the New England woods to uncover the truth.

YellowBrickRoad scares Blu-Ray

Terribly underrated when it came out, YellowBrickRoad has since developed a cult following as an extremely unique and terrifying film that creates immense amounts of terror until one of the most unforeseen endings in horror movie history. As Dread Central writes, it’s “A deeply unsettling and well-crafted experience that makes it one of the best indie horror films of recent years.” A popular Reddit post is titled “After Hundreds of Horror Movies, YellowBrickRoad is the first film to make me feel real fear.”

YellowBrickRoad incorporates many elements of the so-called “high horror” movement which, not coincidentally, was partially ushered in by Eggers’ film The witch. You can definitely see aspects of the atmospheric, mind-bending horror that Eggers would use in this film and Lighthouseas well as the kind of slow-burning terror that Ari Aster honed in Hereditary and Midsommar. In a way, this special edition details how YellowBrickRoad became a forerunner of artistic horror in recent years, notably showcasing the style and behind-the-scenes efforts of Robert Eggers.

Lightyear Entertainment has digitally restored YellowBrickRoad in high definition, so every drop of blood shows up in this Blu-ray, which also sounds amazing; the sound work is immersive and impressive in the film, and this re-release showcases its wonderful sound design. YellowBrickRoad is available on Blu-ray on August 9, as well as on DVD and digital.

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