Rising star Heidi Schooler shines in ghostly feature ‘Half Dead Fred,’ which will screen in Flint, Michigan in August

Behind the scenes on the set of Half Dead Fred, a new horror feature from Bron Theron.

Paranormal occurrences are on the rise in Flint, Michigan this summer. On August 7, Bron Theron’s latest film, Half Dead Fred, will debut at the Capitol Theater.

I was also super excited to work with this particular cast! They’re all really wonderful actors, so getting to work with all of them was a real treat!

—Heidi Schooler

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Paranormal occurrences are on the rise in Flint, Michigan this summer. On August 7, 2022, writer/director Bron Theron’s latest film, Half Dead Fred, will debut at the famed Capitol Theater. The new film, shot in Flint, will feature Corin Nemec and Jordan C, Michael as they work to solve a mysterious supernatural murder case. Rising actress Heidi Schooler, known for her on-screen and voice-over work, plays Roberta Dalton’s leading supporting role. Jason London, a star in his own right, stars as Matthew, Roberta’s husband.

Schooler reflects on the project, saying, “I had the honor of being part of the fabulous paranormal thriller, Half Dead Fred, which we shot in Flint last October. Bron is an incredibly talented writer and director, and the entire cast and crew were great to work with.

Heidi Schooler has worked steadily in Hollywood for years. Viewers may remember her in recent roles such as Scarlett Watkins in the Roku TV series, Cypher, or the title role in the new comedy series, Read to Me, Heidi, in which Heidi and her famous puppet , Millicent, tell stories with the help of Heidi’s many voice-over characters.

Together with director John Beaton Hill, Schooler stars in and is the creator/producer of the comedy film Millicent & Me and the Apple Tree, which made its mark on the independent film festival circuits. She has just won her recent victory for “Best comedy short film” at the Côte d’Azur Film Festival. Prior to that Schooler was nominated for over ten others including Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift, London Indie Short Festival, San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival, Niagara Falls International Short Festival, Kapow Intergalactic Festival (in LA) and the Hong Kong Independent Film Festival. Also entertaining audiences, it was officially selected at the Paris Independent Film Festival and the We Make Movies International Film Festival (in LA).

Bron Theron’s Half Dead Fred is one of Schooler’s most exciting projects to date.

“What was so exciting about Half Dead Fred was that I knew it would be a fabulous movie to work on as soon as I read the script! Bron wrote such a cool supernatural movie that’s also funny, with wry humor, so I know audiences will enjoy it as the story unfolds! I was also super excited to work with this particular cast! They’re all really wonderful actors, so having the chance to work with each of them was a real treat!

The story behind Theron’s inspiration for the film helped Schooler better understand the characters. Theron began working in Flint to help beautify the community with the Flint Public Art Project, where he met FPAP founder and one of the feature film project’s future producers, Joe Schipani, who wrote the book titled “Haunted Flint”. Schipani is also featured in Half Dead Fred as the character “James”. The world premiere is a red carpet event that will see the cast, crew and production crew return to Flint next month to launch the film.

Half Dead Fred will premiere on August 7, 2022 at the Capitol Theater in Flint, MI – You can purchase tickets for the event by clicking here.
For more information on Half Dead Fred, tune in on social media @thehalfdeadfred & @whiteninjaproductions.

About Heidi Schooler

Heidi Schooler is an accomplished stage, television and film actress who began her career as a child actress and dancer, studying in New York City, the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, the American Ballet Theater School and at the International School of Dance at Carnegie Hall. . Schooler studied musical theater at Syracuse University before moving to Los Angeles to complete her studies in theater and dance at the University of Southern California.
She was on CSI: NY (with Gary Sinise), The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena mo-cap video game, (with Vin Diesel), appeared in David Lynch’s Inland Empire, WWII movie, Beautiful Dreamer, & played the lead role in the Mischief Films/BBC film Calling Hedy Lamarr.

In addition to her work in theatre, film and television, Schooler has established herself as a sought-after voiceover and commercial actress. She is in 2 separate comedy commercial spots for DirecTV; I just voiced some characters for a new Nickelodeon animated series called Rock, Paper, Scissors; and was a character on Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears. In the past, she has recently been the voice of Walmart (TV & Radio), Oliveda, Neutrogena, and is Lois Lane for the latest digital re-release of Warner Bros.’ “Superman 2.” Currently, Schooler is in development to write a comedy television pilot.

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