Restoration of 4K movies

Star Trek: The Movie made its theatrical debut in December 1979 and marked the beginning of a series of films based on the popular science fiction series. Last year, it was announced that a 4K restoration of the film’s director’s cut was in the works and set to be released on Paramount+. The news has fans excited as they can finally see the movie in the highest resolution possible. Now we finally have our first images.

Paramount+ has unveiled the first images of the 4K restoration of Star Trek: The Movie Director’s Edition courtesy of producer David C. Fein, one of the key people behind the project. The first image shows one of the shots of the refitted USS Business. explained, “In addition to the over 1,500 edits required to complete the film‘s edit, over 150 visual effects shots were completed. Many additional shots were digitally recombined with little or no loss of quality. compared to the original negative of the elements of each shot.”

The other image they showed features a photo of the infamous orbital office complex. “The final step was to perfect the color and look of the film,” wrote. “Director’s Edition itself is the film’s completion with planned visual effects, fine editing to enrich and smooth the pacing, and a powerful new ATMOS sound mix; all focused on the goal of melting your reality and bringing you aboard the Enterprise as the crew battles an unknown new enemy heading for Earth. For the first time ever, the film has received dynamic scene-by-scene HDR color grading which is visually satisfying, engaging and fully pushes HDR to a level of spectacle that is simply stunning. »

It’s great to see these first images of the restoration they’ve done and there’s no doubt that if director Robert Wise were still with us he would have been very impressed with the work the team has done and given a new life in star trek movie that started it all. Even though it came out in 1979, the restoration made it look like it was just done yesterday. It’s exciting to see the end results and see the final frontier in all its glory.

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture 4K Director’s Edition is set to release on Paramount+ later this year. It is not yet known if it will be published in the home media.

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