Purgehood Motion Pictures begins filming its next short film for the prestigious film festival

From national to international, film festivals have always created a huge buzz for the right reasons. Different cinemas around the world participate in multiple film festivals with their films, series, short films, etc. the most appreciated. But why ? It’s because getting credit on big stages is worth gallons of contentment. Purgehood Motion Pictures is also gearing up to prepare for its big hit.

The team at this eminent production house are delighted to announce that they have started filming their next project, which they are aiming to enter into the biggest and best-loved film festival in the country. Purgehood Motion Pictures, with one of the most experienced directors in the industry, is working on a short film. And this time, they’re making it a sci-fi drama. We know you’re thrilled, right?

This information from Purgehood Motion Pictures piqued our interest. The story of the short film will describe how excessive advancements in technology can be a downfall for mankind. Don’t we all know the certainty? To be specific, in this short from Purgehood Motion Pictures, you might see dreams come true, amazing special effects, and some of your favorite actors.

Who said you can’t dream big? The sky is the limit, and these creative minds doing their best to put together something extraordinary are proof of that. Purgehood Motion Pictures has been in the entertainment industry for years and has graced movie lovers with some fun movies. They have several projects in progress, including this short film which has no title yet. The creators of Purgehood Motion Pictures have always been focused on bringing stories that influence the human race.

The production house is based in the country’s entertainment capital, Mumbai. Purgehood Motion Pictures also does mass production for TV commercials and service production in India for feature films, stills, documentary films, music videos and digital films. We hope Purgehood not only takes their short to the film festival, but also gets recognition for their work.

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