Premiere of the feature film OBSESSIONS in Los Angeles

Aashish Chanana premiered the movie “Obsessions,” in Calabasas, CA last night at the Regal Edwards Theater. Chanana, cast and crew said they were “especially grateful” for their collective ability to persevere and complete the film, despite production taking place during strict Covid restrictions. It’s a highly entertaining thriller, featuring “an excellent cast and an incredible post and visual effects team”, according to award-winning director Aashish Chanan.

The cast of Obsessions is led by Olga Safari who plays Maria Breeze. Maria Breeze is a celebrity, a rock star, and someone who’s supposed to “have it all, but really doesn’t.” Chanana explained how those with a high level of fame can most likely identify with at least some of Maria’s struggles as portrayed in “Obsessions.” Also in the movie,” says Chanana, there’s this Lily “who wants to be an actress,” played by Andrea Figliomeni. Andrea’s character is an amazing actress from New York who gives up acting for a steady job as a journalist. , but her heart is still in Hollywood, and she also happens to be “Maria Breeze’s biggest fan.” Danny’s character, an up-and-coming director, is played by Bobby Slaski. Peter’s role in the movie “Obsessions is the founder of a TMZ-style gossip magazine, played by Kevin Bernstein; he is the love interest of the leading ladies. Additional cast includes Eric Barkhorn as Marcus, Nicolas Manelick as “Colin the chef”, and background actors Sean Christopher, Grant Nicholas Hellyer, Karina Olmeda, Lauren Lingo and Triston Walt Wimpye. The trailer for “Obsessions” is available at the following link: watch?v=2l9VWyNQd80.

Writers for the film project include Aashish Chanana and Sarah Stunt who collaborated with Chanana to tell the story of “Obsessions”.

During Covid, many film productions ceased, but Aashish Chanana and his team persevered. Chanana says “we all wanted to create and work, and we really did”.

The writers, cast and crew of the feature film ‘Obsessions’, directed by the award-winning director, set out to make a great film, visually and audibly beautiful, even during Covid. I believe we accomplished that.” Continuing, “I can definitely say that every day was a challenge in one way or another, just like life! Still, you have to be ready and have a “never give up” attitude, and then it’s possible to sail, and we certainly did. In terms of writing, I already had a story for which I needed someone to work with me on the screenplay and the dialogues. We had published a post for which we received an overwhelming response from talented writers, but Sarah’s energy, in addition to her obvious talent, is what won me over.

“Obsessions” is a film about famous pop star Maria Breeze and her boyfriend, director Danny Pate, who stages an exclusive reveal to settle the rumors surrounding her previous accident. Yet when “Off the Record” lead reporter Lily Miller arrives, the lines between professionalism and fandom quickly begin to shift. As they welcome her into their world, secrets are exposed, trusts are betrayed, and truths – grimier than expected – are revealed. As the facade of perfection begins to fade, one thing remains clear. Fame is just an illusion and infamy is an unstoppable obsession.

The film “Obsessions” will be released in 2022. Obsessions is a thriller… a total “thriller” where you would think that something would happen and the opposite would happen, and which would surprise you.

Director Aashish Chanana runs his production company “Media Factory International”, in Los Angeles. He won over 60 awards from around the world for his film, Afreen.

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