Poole director releases action / comedy short Wedlock


A Poole filmmaker has released an award-winning action / comedy short that he hopes will “challenge” gender stereotypes and thrill audiences.

Stephen Ashwell’s self-funded film Wedlock tells the story of a late witness to a wedding in which he is the bearer of the wedding ring. The film features high-production action footage, including a car chase, as well as comedic moments set in a church.

Stephen said: “The action and the humor are me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been infatuated with the action movie genre, and car chase footage in particular.

Poole director Stephen Ashwell on the set of his short Wedlock

“The Bourne Trilogy, along with the Pierce Brosnan era of Bond films and the BMW The Hire film series have a huge influence on me as a filmmaker. I have spent my life pursuing a career as a director with one overriding goal. in mind: to be part of the world of cinema that celebrates movement, energy, adrenaline, tension and cars.

“There are a number of people close to me who struggle with anxiety and depression, and I have seen first-hand the positive impacts that good comedy films have on the mental health of these people.

“These two passions of mine came together in my first short film Wedlock. ”

The film won the award for Best Dramatic Short Film and was nominated for Best Sound at the International Motor Film Awards, described by Stephen as the “Oscars for Cars”.

He added: “Marriage also gave me the opportunity to play with gender stereotypes. It’s no secret that the action genre is dominated by big male roles which as I mentioned before have led to the creation of fantastic movies and automotive content.

“However, I wanted to change that in Wedlock, and despite there being a male driver in much of the movie, the actual speed of the chase kicks in when our driver is introduced.

the short film Wedlock” alt=”Dorset Echo: Still image from the short film Wedlock” class=”editor-image”/>Still image from the short film Wedlock

“My gesture in this area is only humble, but I hope to see these stereotypes challenged more in the years to come.”

The car action footage was shot on location in Bedfordshire and did not feature any CGI or green screen effects.

Stephen said: “It was no small challenge to pull off both a car chase and a wedding, and I am extremely grateful to the many incredibly talented people who brought my vision for the film to life.

“Thank you to all of the cast, crew, extras and equipment suppliers who made this film possible.”

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