Pedro Almodóvar leaves the first feature film in English

The Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar will wait a little longer before tackling a feature film in English.

The Oscar-winning actress from the original screenplay of ‘Talk to Her’ (Hable con ella) in 2002 told The Times on Wednesday that it was a ‘painful decision’ to step down as director of ‘A Manual for Cleaning Women,’ starring Cate Blanchett . Blanchett’s company Dirty Films is producing the film.

“I had dreamed of working with Cate for so long. Dirty Films has been so generous with me this whole time and I have been blindsided by the excitement, but unfortunately I no longer feel capable of fully directing this film,” Almodóvar said in a statement from his publicists.

The film is in pre-production with plans for a 2023 release, according to The program “Attach me! Tie me up! The director was also credited by IMDb as a writer and producer on “A Manual for Cleaning Women.”

Almodóvar previously wrote and directed the 30-minute English-language short film “The Human Voice,” released in 2020 and starring Tilda Swinton.

“Parallel Mothers,” the latest directorial effort from mastermind “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” earned 2022 Oscar nominations for its star, Penélope Cruz, and for Alberto Iglesias, who wrote the original score. Cruz and Almodóvar have collaborated on seven projects.

Dirty Films producers Blanchett, Andrew Upton and Coco Francini told The Times in a statement, “We have the utmost respect for Pedro and his extraordinary work, and while the stars may not have aligned this time, we hope to collaborate with Pedro. .. on another project in the future. They said work on “A Manual” would continue with New Republic Pictures, which was already affiliated with the film.

The news was first reported by Deadline.

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