Pares Retiro releases the short film ‘Pares Tayo’

‘Pares Tayo’ features Filipino stories from all walks of life that typical Filipinos can definitely relate to and appreciate.

Over the past few decades, Pares Retiro has successfully established its position of offering the humble pares meal while elevating it to the level of quality comparable to other well-established food brands through continuous product development, store air conditioning and aggressive marketing efforts. Its flagship product, Classic Pares, is proudly the first of its kind among all science-backed Pares stores ensuring the right balance of salty and sweet, controlled by the company’s state-of-the-art device.

Just in time for the month of love, Bigtime Studios – the marketing arm of the brand – has released its signature song “Pares Tayo” performed by one of today’s budding singers, Steven Peregrina, on its official YouTube channel. The song was launched with a short film of the same title, featuring Kiray Celis, Stephan Estopia, Concon Felix, Arthem Basierto with Boy Bangus. The film will be a mix of comedy, romance, and drama with a gender-neutral story.

The film “Pares Tayo” will be just the start of the list of short films featuring Filipino stories in all walks of life that typical Filipinos can definitely relate to and appreciate.

Over the past few years, Pares Retiro, in addition to classic Filipino favorites offered in its stores such as silog (branded as Hugotsilog), pares mami, Bone Marrow and others, has managed to launch and popularize unique dishes such as the world’s first chicken pares (crispy chicken with the signature classic lotong sauce) and pancit pares (classic Filipino noodles topped with savory beef pares). The aforementioned food offerings are also featured in the short.

In addition to the food offering, Pares Retiro is also known for featuring some of the firsts in the industry, such as the opening of the world’s first-ever Pares drive-in restaurant located in Abra. True to its “Totoong Pagkaing Pilipino” brand image, the brand pays homage to Filipino culture and heritage by incorporating classic pinoy patterns such as the traditional “banig” and showcasing the Filipino flag in all of its stores. Digital screens are also present in all branches recognizing the successes of some world famous Filipino athletes and celebrities such as Efren Bata Reyes, Paeng Nepomuceno and others.

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