New short film Chalein, a humorous take on the public health issue of suicide, streaming on MX Player

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New short film Chalein, a humorous take on the public health issue of suicide, streaming on MX Player

Posted on June 3, 2022

New Delhi: Amidst the buzz around Panchayat to highlight some basic issues, a short film titled Chalein was released on MX Player which delves into the continuing problem of suicides. The story revolves around Leeladhar, played by Chaipatti-famous Abhishek Sonpaliya, who is a hardworking employee who plans to kill himself because of his boss. As he laments his sad life with suicide seeming the only option, he is visited by Yamraj’s officer of a suicide squad, played by Vivek K Rai.

Will Leeladhar go with him or stay behind is the pertinent question answered by the comedy-drama short produced by Saints Art – the creators of Chaipatti and Detective Boomrah – in association with Rai Sahab Motion Pictures. The questions raised and their answers grow in importance as the threat of suicide looms over people of all ages, communities and professions. Chalein is bound to let the audience think about the problem and how to solve it.

Speaking about what inspired him to tackle the issue, director and writer Chalein Anant Rai said: “More than 153,000 suicides were recorded in India in 2020. The figure is truly worrying as it shows how young generation is unable to face the problems of life. and often views suicide as the only last resort. We hope that our film will be a revelation for the public.

Puneet Sharma, the film’s co-producer, said, “We bring unique content to audiences in low-key genres such as comedy-horror and crime thrillers. This time we bring something new to our audience in the form of this social awareness comedy, which delivers a message without being judgmental. »

Notably, Saints Art Private Limited has in the past produced short films like Chaipatti and web series like Detective Boomrah, which have been praised by audiences for their unique concept and content. He is expected to release another horror-comedy soon, which is likely a roller coaster experience for viewers.

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