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Lockdown can be intimidating for a lot of families, but for the Walshes, it was a time to get creative. During the 2020 lockdown, Audrey (4 years old) and Eleanor (2 years old) created a film with their father, artistic director Neil Walshe, which recently won the award for best short film at Smart, the first International Smartphone Film Festival. from London. Called Dawn Heist, the short is 2.5 minutes long and was shot in the Walshes family home in South Sydney with just a cell phone and Blue Tack for a tripod. The film was shot over three mornings and was edited as a Mother’s Day gift. It shows the two toddlers getting up early to loot the kitchen. Mr Walshe said: “We had a blast filming it because for once I let my two daughters do in the kitchen everything parents never let their kids do, and we have it. made.” This included making breakfast, pouring champagne, and climbing a ladder – all under parental supervision (off-screen), of course. “The girls just winged it. A lot of what they did was unscripted,” Mr. Walshe said. IN OTHER NEWS: The film has been featured in various competitions and the girls walked a red carpet in Sydney for a screening at SF3. The film also aired in San Diego, Hollywood and Hawaii. Mr Walshe said the film resonated with the judges because it was “a really fun and compelling story building”. “It shows that good can come from the difficulties we are facing right now,” he said. The girls are proud of their new fame: “They would watch [the film] 50 times in a row if they could. Will the Walshe take advantage of the current lockdown to make another award-winning cell phone film? well, i have to plan the next one even better, ”said Mr Walshe. “It could be an idea for other people to stand up during the lockdown. Dawn Heist can be viewed at hold-up or on the Film Festival website at


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