Naveen Kasturia Talks About Her Short Film “Tasalli Se,” Working With Nakuul Mehta, And More Soompi

Actor Naveen Kasturia is currently enjoying the success of his short film Tasalli Se. It also features Nakuul Mehta and was released digitally recently. The Free Press Journal caught up with Naveen for an exclusive interview.

The story of Tasalli revolves around two friends, Somesh (Nakuul) and Ranjan (Naveen), who had a falling out after a social media spat, but they reconcile after 12 long years. Speaking about her experience working on the show, Naveen said, “I’ve been blessed to work with people I love. I was able to be myself on set and was very comfortable, which is very important for someone like me. So overall it was an exciting experience. Additionally, audiences can expect a very lighthearted, thoughtful, and sweet friendship story that they will relate to.

Elaborating on the relevance of the story, he adds: “In our families and our circle of friends, there are people who have different political opinions, and sometimes disagreements can lead to huge arguments, and that can affect your relationship with that person. It’s something that happened between these two guys. I think people would identify with that because it’s a common history and something happening nowadays. Also, the visuals and scenes in the short are a bit poetic, so I hope people will understand and find it interesting.

Naveen praises her co-star Nakuul. “I really had a good time working with him. He is a simple, kind and very generous guy. Nakuul is someone I would like to work with again,” he raves.

Naveen embodies a filmmaker sensitive to his environment. He explains: “He is also very attached to his friend. He is very warm, loving and caring, but he is very sensitive. He’s hurt because of something that happened a few years ago, and it makes him awkward around his friend.

Naveen has been in the entertainment industry for several years. However, he says making a career in acting wasn’t a sudden decision. “I did theater and started acting when I was in school. When I was doing a job, I felt like puri life paise kamane ke liye toh kaam nahin kar sakte hai. So I came to mumbai but i wasn’t sure about becoming an actor because i thought actors sirf vahi log bante hai jinke connections host hai i thought there were so many of them why would people take me at first i wanted I started doing commercials for money and then I got Sulemani Keeda, so organically one thing led to another and I became an actor,” says Naveen.

The actor also shares that his journey hasn’t been easy. Revealing the challenges he faced during the early days of his career, Naveen says, “There was a time when I had no money. When I was directionless in life, I was confused. if I wanted to write or act. I had written a script and I was trying to do it but nothing was happening. People were reading it but I couldn’t find a producer. So that time was difficult. But after Pitchers, I found a way and i was clear that i have to do drama wrestling abhi bhi hai but now i am a known face and now i want to be part of good projects i might end up saying no to a lot of things too. , the struggle to find a good role and a good script will remain for life.”

Naveen will next be seen in the second season of Pitchers. The show will soon go upstairs. He also has Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 3 with Abhishek Bachchan and Amit Sadh.

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Published on: Monday, May 23, 2022, 08:00 IST

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