Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) Hosts Gala Reception for Gold Reel Winners

The Motion Picture Sound Editors hosted a special in-person reception for the winners of 69and Annual MPSE Golden Reel Awards March 26and at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. Sound editors honored for their work in feature films, long and short-form television, animation and documentaries received gold GRA statuettes and joined colleagues in celebrating their common craft.

The event was a relaxed and intimate affair and had a jubilant vibe as for many the evening was an opportunity to mingle with colleagues for the first time in two years. “It was a special evening and a wonderful way to reconnect with old friends,” said MPSE President Mark Lanza. “Our council has organized this event to recognize the fantastic work done by our members and end the year with a bang.”

Among those present was supervising sound editor Mark A. Mangini, winner of the 2022 Golden Reel Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature – Effects / Foley for Motion Picture Dunes (shared with Supervising Sound Editor Theo Green; Sound Designer Dave Whitehead; Sound Effects Editors Phil Barrie, Lee Gilmore, Greg ten Bosch, Bob Kellough and Piero Mura; Foley editor Christopher Bonis); and sound effects artists Andy Malcolm, Goro Koyama and Sandra Fox). The following night, Mangini was honored with a sound Oscar for Dune, his second Oscar.

Also present were the sound teams of West Side Story, Infinite, The Underground Railroad, Only murders in the building, Wu Tang, Call of Duty, Dead Love + Robots, Esoteric, cliff walkers and other award-winning projects.

The 69and The annual MPSE Golden Reel Awards took place on Friday, March 13and as an entirely virtual event. Sound editors and others from around the world gathered in a spectacular virtual event space inspired by real locations in New York and Mexico. Highlights of the event included appearances by MPSE Filmmaker Award-winning director Ron Howard and MPSE Career Achievement Award-winning Anthony “Chic” Ciccolini III.

Cinematic sound editors expect to return to an all-in-person event for the 70and MPSE Golden Reel Award in 2023.

About MPSE
Founded in 1953, Motion Picture Sound Editors is a non-profit organization of professional sound and music editors who work in the motion picture television and games industries. The organization’s mission is to provide a wealth of knowledge from award-winning professionals to a diverse group of individuals, young people and career professionals; mentor and educate the community on artistic merit and technical advances in sound and music editing; providing scholarships for the continued advancement of film sound in education; and contribute to improving the personal and professional lives of the men and women who practice this unique profession.

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