Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – A short film celebrates the young people of Avenue A in Antrim

Published: 05/27/2022 16:58:53

“Community, Belonging, Place,” a documentary-style short film about teenagers from the Monadnock area, will premiere at the Peterborough Community Theater on Tuesday, June 7 at 7 p.m.

Created by the New Hampshire Children’s Trust in partnership with The Grapevine Family and Community Resource Center, the film celebrates local teens, their hopes for the future, what community means to them, and the impact of places like The Grapevine’s Avenue. At Teen Center in Antrim.

“We often talk about our teenagers as if they are a problem to be solved,” said Nathan Fink, director of advancement for the New Hampshire Children’s Trust. “In fact, they are an integral part of any community. That’s why it was important to partner with Avenue A and The Grapevine for this project. If our adolescents are supported and valued, our communities are stronger and more resilient.”

The New Hampshire Children’s Trust traveled to the Monadnock area in March 2022 to create the short, which features seven middle and high school students. Over several days, the film crew met with the teens and captured their activities, interests and favorite local places.

“Supporting and encouraging teens — their interests, passions and goals are key to growing them into healthy, positive adults,” said Grapevine Executive Director Melissa Gallagher. “Adolescents have so much to share and teach us. We want them to feel the love of our community!

Avenue A is part of the Grapevine’s two-generation approach to supporting young people, both parents/guardians and their children.

The premiere is free and will include a panel discussion with teenagers who feature in the film. Participants will be entered to win door prizes made by local teenagers. The event kicks off Avenue A’s NH Gives fundraiser, a statewide 24-hour online giving day that runs June 7-8.

As a program of the Grapevine Family & Community Resource Centre, Avenue A is a regional center for teenagers based in Antrim. Avenue A serves youth in more than 14 towns in the Monadnock area with programs that build resilience through creative expression, social development, wellness, and career skills development. With the help of 70 volunteer mentors, Avenue A accompanies more than 300 teenagers.

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