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Frankenstein author Mary Shelly will be the subject of a new feature biopic produced by Fulwell 73 and Rose Pictures (Kill your darlings). The film is titled Mary’s monsterand it follows Shelley “as she struggles to complete her gothic masterpiece, which was published in 1818”.

Farren Blackburn (Daredevil, a discovery of witches) is set to direct the film from a script written by Deborah Baxtrom (Living with Frankenstein).

The brief description of the story reads: “Terrified to give voice to the darkness of her subconscious, Mary Shelley locks herself in a dangerous battle with her own ‘monster within’ as she struggles to write her seminal science fiction novel, “Frankenstein”.

Shelley has been the subject of several autobiographies as well as film and television productions. The most recent was the 2017 biopic Mary Shelley, in which Elle Fanning played the author. This film focused on Shelley’s relationship with her husband.

This new movie looks much more interesting. It is believed that Shelley “invented the novel at the age of 19 during a stay on the shores of Lake Geneva with her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley and the poet Lord Byron, where the trio amused themselves with ghost stories “.

It’s quite incredible. She wrote one of the greatest and most popular novels of all time. It’s a story that’s constantly being adapted and reinvented because it’s great.

Source: Variety

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