Local actor sees his feature debut in Lake Wales

After five years of growing success in the film and television industry, Lake Wales actor and screenwriter Jeff Herman will no doubt be there in person on Monday night for the release of his new feature film when it premieres at the Regal Eagle Ridge Cineplex at 7:00 p.m.

The film, titled “No Vacancy”, stars Dean Cain, who played Clark Kent on the Lois & Clark television series, as well as roles as host of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and the sports drama series “Hit the Floor.”

Herman starred as stalker and murderer Kenny in the Lake Wales Little Theater drama ‘The Assassin’s New Friend’ in March 2019, when he plotted against Brian, a true crime writer played by Robert Connors, with Holly Murren as the suspicious wife, Dana.

Since then, Herman has pursued an acting career and appeared in numerous commercials and short films. He also won Best Music, Best Genre and Best Picture for his original screenplay of “The Ranger,” a chilling short entered in the Orlando Independent Film Competition. Herman played the lead role in this production.

Jeff Herman appears in “No Vacancy” which premieres Monday night at the Eagle Ridge Cineplex at Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales.

“This role made me eligible for SAG,” Herman said, referring to the Screen Actors Guild. “I was working with Dean Cain, who is just a phenomenal person. He makes you feel like the most important person in the room and filming scenes with him was a great experience.”

Other cast members in the film include Sean Young, who appeared in “Blade Runner,” and TC Stallings, a former professional soccer player who appeared in 2015’s “War Room.”

The new feature film is called ‘No Vacancy’ and tells the true story of a Baptist church in Leesburg trying to buy an old hotel in order to provide housing for the homeless. Herman will play Gene Sanders, the chairman of a church finance committee who confronts the pastor, played by Cain, with the bad news that the church cannot afford the property.

The film is slated for a national release in 800 theaters via Disney/AMC, but a special premiere screening will take place Monday at local theaters only.

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