Liverpool extras wanted for ‘major feature film’

A major feature film being filmed in Liverpool is looking for locals to appear as extras.

A call has been made for people to appear as background artists in a number of scenes to be filmed across the city.

Filming will take place in the spring and summer of 2022 and the casting company, Casting Collective, is looking for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

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Usually, companies give a brief description of the movie they are shooting, but the casting company does not release any information at this time.

The job posting reads: “We are looking for men and women for the filming in Liverpool of a major feature film. Filming Spring/Summer 2022.

“We need people of all ages and ethnicities living in Liverpool. Good rates of pay.”

The casting company said all applicants must have a valid national insurance number and be legally entitled to work in the UK.

They also added that if people are already “priority performers” they do not need to reapply as they will already be considered.

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