Kahlil Joseph to Develop Video Installation ‘BLKNWS’ into Feature Film – ARTnews.com

BLKNWS (2018–), an acclaimed video installation by Kahlil Joseph, has been shown in museums and biennials around the world. Now, that could be heading to a theater near you as a feature film.

In a cryptic ad posted to social media on Wednesday, A24, the blockbuster movie distributor that released Moonlight, Hereditaryand minarisaid he would publish a long version of BLKNWS by Joseph. However, it’s still unclear when this film will be released or what form its release will take.

BLKNWS first appeared at the Venice Biennale in 2019, where it featured in the main exhibition. Alongside pieces by Arthur Jafa and the duo Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, BLKNWS was one of the works that caught the most attention during the exhibition. In his review of the 2019 Venice Biennale for ART newsAndrew Russeth tagged BLKNWS one of the best works exhibited.

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The video installation, which has taken many forms since Joseph began making it in 2018, aims to imagine a news station from the perspective of a black creator. Featuring appropriate imagery, material pulled from social media and images of Joseph’s own creation, it is intended to encapsulate the past, present and future of the black experience, with touches of humor and pathos. along the way. Joseph has repeatedly returned to the project, reformatting it into newsreels that come before other works, a video installation version, and a single-screen short that was theatrically screened at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

Since the Venice Biennale, Joseph, who also directed Beyoncé’s visual album in 2016 Lemonadetook BLKNWS to other places, including a 2020 investigation by David Zwirner of his brother Noah Davis, an artist whose legacy includes founding the Underground Museum in Los Angeles. A version of that show is set to open tomorrow at this museum, where Joseph serves as creative director. BLKNWS also appeared in last year’s edition of the Made in LA biennial, where it was featured at the Huntington Library, Museum of Art and Botanical Gardens, and various locations around LA. Prior to this biennale, the LA LAND-based space also began showing an installation version of it.

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