Halesowen speaker directs feature debut starring Gregory Piper

HALESOWEN College professor Jez Alsop directed his first feature film, which stars Gregory Piper.

Fixed is about what happens the night before player Daz Clemance leaves Birmingham to start a crime-free life in Spain.

It is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, SkyStore, Googleplay, and Xbox.

The story follows Daz and his fateful night where he is beaten, stabbed and left for dead.

Gregory Piper, who appeared on the BBC’s Line of Duty as PC Ryan Pilkington, plays Daz’s estranged son.

Photo: Gregory Piper of Line of Duty Fame

Daz is played by Nicholas Clarke and the film also stars Laurence Saunders who has appeared in Doctor Who and The Bagley Boys.

Film and media speaker Jez said, “We felt the story resonated as it portrayed a man who is financially devastated as a result of a workplace accident.

“He turns to gambling and crime, and it seemed like that reflected the harsh realities of a lot of normal workers.

“We knew we wanted to make a feature film but we had very little money so we worked on an idea that we thought was realistically achievable, made the production values ​​as high as possible and it worked.”

Fixed was filmed in 20 days at a location at Lampworks Studios in the Jewelry District between the Covid closures.

Jez worked at Halesowen College for 15 years and has previously written and directed short films and music videos.

Fixed is his first feature film.

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Photo: Jez on the set

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