Haifa Film Festival shorts can compete for Oscars, says Motion Picture Academy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on Monday that Israeli short films that win the Haifa International Film Festival will be eligible to compete for an Oscar nomination starting next year.

The next Academy Awards will take place on October 8.

This upgrade to the Haifa Film Festival’s status allows its short films to be submitted to the Oscar nominee list without having been commercially screened in the United States, which was a prerequisite for nomination.

“We are delighted to hear that the festival has been accepted into the limited and hand-picked list of international film festivals and are proud to advance the Israeli industry,” said the festival director of the International Film Festival. from Haifa, Yaron Shamir.

“We would like to thank the American Academy for recognizing the quality and importance of the festival and the high level of Israeli short film productions,” he said.

“Haifa is a Mediterranean city of coexistence and the festival hopes to advance short films produced by countries in the Mediterranean basin in the future by creating a competitive framework.

Israel’s Oscar nominations so far have been the winners of the Ofir Award, colloquially known as the Israeli Oscars, for films, awarded by the Israel Academy of Cinema and Television.

Although Israeli filmmakers and films have been nominated several times for the Oscars, none have won a golden statuette.

Recognition from the Haifa International Film Festival will increase Israel’s chances in the future.

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