Gran Turismo live-action feature in planning stages

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News from sony‘the sand PlayStation Productions several cross-platform adaptation projects based on successful video game franchises are slowly surfacing following the success of the Unexplored live action movie. New plans now call for live action Gran Turismo adaptation that will take the form of a live-action feature film rather than earlier recaps of a TV series, according to Hollywood trade newswire Deadline.

This latest news follows initial reports of a 2016 live-action film adaptation that involved Fifty shades of Grey producers mike deluca and Dana Brunetti, but has been quietly shelved so far. This suggests that Sony has seen fit to continue live development of its video game properties after the unexpected success of Uncharted.

Deadline also reports that Sony is aiming to secure the services of a highly regarded sci-fi director Neill Blomkampdue to his previous experience in developing concepts for feature films and short films based on video games, most notably the 2009 Halo short film he produced as a pilot for the ultimately abandoned feature film adaptation. This pilot eventually became the basis for Sleeper Hit District 9.

Gran Turismo has been the subject of live productions before, with several documentaries produced by Sony Computer Entertainment and outside production companies over the years, as well as a reality competition produced by sony, FOX Television and Nissan title GT Academy to find the best Gran Turismo player and turn him into a professional racing driver, with great success in 2011.

More information is expected on the project in the future.

SOURCE: Deadline

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