‘Flickerfest’ International Short Film Festival is on its way to Griffith Regional Theater | News from the region

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One of Australia’s leading short film festivals, ‘Flickerfest’ is on its way to Griffith after wrapping up its season in Bondi. Flickerfest showcases some of Australia’s best Academy®-qualified and BAFTA-recognized short films, with over 3,000 films entering the festival this year alone. The nationwide ‘Best Of’ tour kicks off soon, landing at the Griffith Regional Theater on March 12 to spotlight some of the festival’s brightest Australian entries. Bronwyn Kidd, the festival’s director, said it was a chance to celebrate established and up-and-coming talent. “We celebrate creative and entertaining short films from Australia and around the world,” she said. “We had over 3,200 entries, and we’ve whittled that down to just 200. Griffith gets ‘Best of Australian Shorts’, so these are the real winners, new Australian stories and incredible talent.” Among the films presented at the festival is the intimate drama “You and Me, Before And After” with Yael Stone and Emily Barclay also shines on the big screen in this exceptional program alongside Eddy Bell’s “Giants”, which won the Academy® Qualifying Panasonic LUMIX Award for Best Australian Short Film as well as an award for Best Original Score. READ MORE The shorts featured are all entertaining, inspiring, award-winning and fresh from their competition premieres at Flickerfest Bondi, giving Griffith audiences a window into the latest and freshest contemporary shorts. “I think ‘You and Me, Before and After’ is one of the things that stands out to me. It’s the story of two sisters who love each other but have to learn to love each other,” Ms Kidd said. . “One of my favorite movies is a movie called Giants, which was filmed in the north west of New South Wales in Narrabri for 18 months, just a very personal story about battling drought. is really moving, there are great performances.” Dark comedy “The Home Team” starring Paul McDermott and acclaimed actress Tara Morice will play in theaters, as well as fun drama “Stonefish,” written by and starring up-and-coming young talent George Pullar, and directed by acclaimed actress Megan Smart. Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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