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New Model Validates Hollywood’s Latest Revenue Stream Via Blockchain Distribution

Beverly Hills, Calif., September 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In a groundbreaking venture, global distribution and viewing platform NFT VUELE â„¢ grossed nearly six figures, grossing 32.86267 ETH ($ 93,435) with the release of eleven total feature drops NFT thriller film ZERO CONTACT starring Anthony Hopkins, best actor, Oscar winner. The NFT “Platinum Edition” alone sold for 20 ETH ($ 56,860).

As the first NFT feature film released by VUELE â„¢, ZERO CONTACT NFT Drops mark an incredible new milestone for the feature film distribution industry as well as film collection and fan engagement.

“In just a few days, we saw a community forming around our film, increased fan engagement and also proved a new source of revenue in the industry. We think it’s revolutionary, ”said Rick Dugdale, co-founder of VUELE â„¢ and director / producer of ZERO CONTACT. “Our goal was to gain respect for the NFT space so that we could build endurance and help usher in a new path for filmmakers. Not only is this now a proven distribution model, but we will be able to create new film financing structures in the future. “

Each winning NFT allows the lucky winner to be edited into the film with personal Zero Contact shooting and editing. In addition, each winner receives a signed digital illustration of the movie poster, the “making of” of the movie, Crypto Generative Art by REMO x Dcsan and a “Golden Ticket” from VUELE. The 1 in 1 “Platinum” winner also receives a presence role in the Zero Contact universe.

About VUELE â„¢ VUELE â„¢ [pronounced VIEW-lee] is the premier direct-to-consumer feature film viewing and distribution platform, delivering collectible feature films and digital entertainment content in the form of NFTs. Users will be able to become owners of exclusive, limited edition movies and collectible NFT content that they can watch, collect, sell and redeem on the platform. VUELE â„¢ offers moviegoers and collectors the ultimate consumer-centric digital viewing and collection platform. VUELE â„¢ is a joint venture between Enderby Entertainment and CurrencyWorks Inc. To learn more, visit:

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