First feature film made safely in Florida during COVID Released on TikTok

Corona Camp’s award-winning cast and crew have complied with the book to follow industry guidelines during the pandemic.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2022 / — As the Hollywood film industry shut down in the spring of 2020, a group of award-winning South Florida actors and crew stepped up reunited to make the first feature film in Florida during the COVID pandemic – while following COVID-19 guidelines and creating a strict safety bubble for everyone involved. Thanks to the dedicated work of the team, a comedic crime film about the murder, Corona Camp, was born.

To ensure the film‘s success, Victor Nappe, director and owner of production company Chaos Made, reached out to notable actors and their families who he knew were strict in their quarantine efforts. Once his team was assembled, Nappe created the first bubble wrap set at a private 100-acre campsite in Central Florida. The families moved into 12 cabins on site to escape the realities of South Florida’s lockdown and make a movie. The director and father of two teenage actors wanted to commemorate this strange and unique time in history with his family by engaging creativity.

“Get the best talent you can, give them a storyline and let it evolve.” said Nappé. “We started filming with a great script and worked on scripts the day before shooting – it was total chaos. But in the end, what made the film so great was that I was able to put together such talented actors, many of whom I worked with pre-pandemic. We all wore many hats, and it worked! We filmed a damn good comedy mystery in just 21 short days!”

Hopefully, with the peak of the pandemic now in the rearview mirror, Nappe thinks it’s a good time to share the Corona Camp movie with the world. However, that’s easier said than done, especially when trying to share comes another big hurdle – distribution. According to Nappe, the film industry has changed a lot over the past two years, and so has film distribution.

“I didn’t want to go the traditional film festival route because I just wanted to introduce this film to my target audience – teenagers. It was actually my kids who suggested I go to TikTok to post it as a “summer blockbuster in weekly chapters,” Nappe said.

In May 2022, Corona Camp will be the first film to be released via the TikTok platform. Due to time limits on TikTok, it will be dropped in several chapters every week. For those who can’t wait and want to see the movie in its entirety, Corona Camp will also be released on Vimeo for $5.00.

“Corona Camp is the first feature film to prove that great movies can be made using alternative methods, moving beyond the paradigm of past filmmaking,” says Nappe. “As creatives in the entertainment industry, we needed to first and foremost continue to create and figure out how to entertain ourselves and others!”

For more information, please contact [email protected] and be sure to follow the @CoronaCampMovie on TikTok to experience this epic event and connect with a story humanity can relate to.

About Camp Corona

Corona Camp takes place in a camp for celebrities/wealthy kids who needed to be kept safe during the global Corona pandemic lockdown. After arriving, the children learned that no expense was spared when a world-renowned spiritual leader was enlisted to help the children deal with the reality of this “new normal”. Children learn what camp life is like, or what they think camp life should be, until a mysterious accident occurs.

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